BookingQube is an event guide so uploading your event with us can do wonders to promote it even if you don’t sell tickets with us. 


Once the event is uploaded you can choose or not choose to apply for ticketing services, it’s completely up to you. 


Listing events with us has always been free and always will be. :)


In order to list your event, you must first have an account on BookingQube.


Hello there!

Welcome to BookingQube and thank you for your interest in being a part of our growing community. :)

If you have come across for the first time, below are a few easy steps on how you can register with us. This process is done right before you can purchase any ticket for your favourite events.

Online Registration Procedure

1.     Go to

2.     Click "Log In" located at the right hand corner of your screen. 

3.     Click on "Create an Account"

4.     Fill out the necessary details (email address, password, nationality, mobile number, etc.) then click "Submit". Make sure to enter the correct information as your tickets will be sent to your email address, as well as important notifications on your tickets to your mobile number.


After creating an account, follow this link and upload the required information:


1.     Event Name

2.     Event Description (make sure it is helpful!)

3.     Venue

4.     Event Artwork

Once you have all of these, you can now create your event and fire away! 



Our Story

Working with our partners to bring entertainment options to our customers is what drives our team. Building the technology and service to seamlessly connect our customers with their favorite events, sports venues, leisure activities, attractions, Friday brunches or any form of entertainment is our passion. We work tirelessly to bridge the gap between entertainment providers and develop the innovations that provide a seamless experience to booking and purchasing a ticket for our customers. In short, BookingQube is your one stop shop to plan your entertainment and have fun!


Why Choose BookingQube?


  • Online and Offline booking, ticketing and access control system for events, sports venues and other entertainment related activities
  • Custom ticketing solutions for events, attractions, and cinemas
  • Registration and Accreditation system and staffing for events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Box Office Staffing Solutions for any event or venue
  • All-in-one ticketing service provider with customer support 
  • Easy-to-use ticketing platform with multiple payment options 
  • Fully optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop 
  • Ability to set-up multiple merchant outlets with offline ticket sales 
  • Ability to sell multiple event tickets / registrations

Your event landing page is the first thing that visitors see before they make a decision to purchase. It is very important that all aspects of your landing page will help turn visitors into ticket buyers.


Event Artwork


Your event artwork is the largest element that customers will see and evaluate before making a decision to attend your event. Here are some best practices.

  • Make sure your artwork communicates your event concept well.
  • Have clear, strong imagery, a well-selected color combination, and a well-balanced layout.
  • Include large, easy-to-read text. Select a font that is easy on the eyes.
  • It is not recommended to include mobile numbers on the artwork as they distract from your main goal: to click the buy tickets button.
  • Less is more. Do not add so much text that crowd your artwork
  • Make sure you add the BookingQube logo so people can easily recall where to buy tickets. Our logo can be downloaded.
  • Event artwork guidelines (sizes requirements) can be found.

Event name

  • Make sure to include the artist name if you are organising an event with an artist performance so that it is easily searchable.
  • Do not use full uppercase letters or symbols that makes the title hard to read.
  • Make your event clear and concise; do not make it too long.


Event description

We have news for you: People do read when they are about to make a purchase, but the catch is that they do not want to read a really long description.


To summarize, here are the most essential information that customers would like to read on the event description:

· Brief information about the event, artist, and what to expect

· Date, start and end time and location

· Entry rules, age limit, dress code, parking arrangements

· Other important information that you think people need to know